1 – Motion

We want:

  • real climate neutrality by 2030, i.e. less and less climate-damaging gases
  • steps in the city’s plan to achieve this
  • these steps (=measures) should really be taken
  • everyone should understand how emissions are decreasing every year
  • regular monitoring of the measures

Here the reviewed version of the motion can be downloaded.

Together with other organisations, we from GöttingenZero have made a motion to the city council together with other organisations. This motion was presented in the meeting of the city council on 12th of February 2021 by Dr. Francisco Welter-Schultes and supported by the Göttinger Linke/ALG-group. The motion was forwarded to the committee for environment, climate and mobility.

In this motion, we demand that the city of Göttingen to revise its action plan “Climate Plan Göttingen 2030” with the help of the Climate Advisory Board so that Göttingen achieves true climate neutrality by 2030. This means that we phase out all fossil fuels and become climate neutral in all sectors (transport, buildings, economy, etc.). All emissions of the city and of municipal companies are to be reduced. Only if a complete reduction is not possible should emissions be compensated.

The action plan should show the number of jobs required for this, give an overview of the finances and name the central fields of action. The emissions saved by the action plan should be comprehensible for the citizens.

In addition, we demand monitoring, whereby a report is to be compiled. In this report, the greenhouse gas emissions of Göttingen should be recorded annually and the success of the measures should be documented every two years. In addition, we demand an annual written statement from the Mayor on the implementation of the measures.

If the administration and the city council realise that the targets are not being met, appropriate measures should be introduced to counteract this. In addition, we demand that the achievement of climate neutrality be taken into account in all council decisions.

100 individuals from Göttingen supported the motion, including by name:

Deine Terrhun (Dipl. Biologist), Natascha Jakob (student), Martin Hulpke-Wette (paediatric cardiologist), Tobias Banascheski (child and youth psychiatrist), Benjamin Leiding (academic councillor), Sarah Weishaupt, Maja Hillermann (student), Franka Frischling (student), Tobias Tacke (student), Stefan Scheu (university professor), Lea Böttger (student), Sofie Wemhöner (student), Laila El Samadoni (student), Simon Wölfl (instrumental teacher, choir, ensemble leader), Jann Engel (musician – music teacher), Karin Würz, Job Verweijen (musicians), Anna Strattner, Marie Reibrandt (student), Elena Macari (student), Lennart Kanitz (student), Aline Diemer (student), Hannah Ruppert, Jeannette Benstein (student), Carmen Appel (high school graduate), Annika Bergfeld, Finn Rendigs (student), Wilma Wächter (student), Philipp Pichote (social sciences student), Karin Wette (secondary school teacher), Julia Larysch (student), Katrin Scriba (student), Dr. Hans-Joachim Merrem (Head of Unicef Working Group Göttingen), Annika Förster (student), Anna Dettmann (student), Finn Harland (student), John Mündel (student), Naomi Stegemann, Patrick Lajoie (science management), Emily Panek (student), Paul Heuberger (student), Anja Fischer, Julia Hartel, Johanna Freistedt, Janine Mazanec (graduate biologist), Nicole Schmidt (student), Manfred Schüssler (physicist), Jasmine Kloos (student), David Singer (biologist), Anja Dolder-Gerhardy (veterinarian), Felicia Seita (student), Ruth Maria Kasper, Anne Harzendorf (student), Elena Hüsges (student), Saida Oruzgani (student), Franz Eisele (volunteer), Jan Wedig (student), Bettina Hille, Tom Pfander (gardener), Mia Wilke (student),, Nick Boakye (student), Laura Celine Schwier (student), Jan Philipp Stein (student), Yvonne Lafère (teacher), Christoph Hahn, Pia Küster (student), L. Amiri, Helle Koerner, Fiona Sippel (student)

Why do you support the motion?

It is absolutely crucial for my future and the future of all people that the world, and thus also the city of Göttingen, becomes climate neutral as soon as possible.

Natascha Jakob, student

Every day I hold a newborn child in my hands and wonder and worry under which living conditions this child will live at the age of 15 if the climate crisis continues to progress. It is my duty as a paediatrician to care for the health and well-being of all families who entrust themselves to my advice and help. That is what I want to do by supporting this motion.

Martin Hulpke-Wette, paediatric cardiologist, head of the prevention practice for cardiovascular diseases in children and adolescents

Climate protection is incredibly important, especially now. We have ruined our earth. Now we have to make it right again.


The climate crisis is probably the biggest and most acute threat to our future. The effects are already being felt, especially in the countries of the global south. We have to do something and we have to do it now, while it is still possible!


As it is absolutely essential to protect the earth we live on and at least minimise the damage we have done.

Franka Frischling, student

The current climate emergency is the cause of very many, large-scale political problems today and will cause irreversible damage very soon – if it hasn’t already. Our generation will be the last to be able to change the problems for the better in order to keep the world livable for future generations.

Tobias Tacke, student

As a university city, it is particularly important to play a pioneering role in climate policy.

Stefan Scheu, university professor

Because I want to support a faster achievement of the climate goals.

Sofie Wemhöner, student

The climate is a central issue for the future of all of us and of enormous importance. We must finally start to adopt concrete measures and implement them in time to ensure a future worth living for everyone.


Because a healthy future for our planet is important to me!

Simon Wölfl, instrumental teacher, choir and ensemble leader

If we act immediately with common determination, we can become an example for others. If we fail to do everything in our power, this would not only be a failure towards future generations, but also irresponsible towards those who live in places that are already hit harder by drought and other extreme weather events, also through our fault.

Jann Engel, musician – music teacher

Because I want to see the impending climate catastrophe prevented

Karin Würz

Because climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. For the future of our children and grandchildren.

Job Verweijen, musician

The topic is immensely relevant for all generations planning a future in this society and on this earth.


Göttingen has been my home for ten years, I love this city and I want to be proud of it. And that includes working for the climate in a consistent, transparent and verifiable way. And to do so as quickly and strongly as possible.

Lennart Kanitz, student

I support the motion because I care about the survival of our society and the Earth’s ecosystem, and I want a future worth living. We as the city of Göttingen must make our contribution to this, and in this way perhaps also be a role model for other cities.

Aline Diemer, student

It is important to me that we, as a city that is doing so well, do something for our environment and against climate change. The problem doesn’t get smaller or more irrelevant just because we put it off.


For a future in which all of us and also our children can live on this earth. Göttingen should also contribute to combating the climate crisis in order to keep this earth habitable.

Göttingen is a city of science – this must also be shown consistently in the climate crisis.

Carmen Appel, A-level student

We must act now!


The ecological “revolution from below” will – if successful – be perhaps the largest and most significant of its kind in German history. Action is essential due to the increasingly precarious situation around the globe. This action is exactly the kind of activism we need: Enabling pressure and change from below to meet the cause from above.

For our future and that of our descendants!


Because 2050 is simply too late.

Philipp Pichote, student of social sciences

We need a clear goal to get out of the tedious nitty-gritty of individual measures and party-bound views. Everything that has happened so far on the part of politicians deserves respect and is also valuable. And each of the individual measures so far has been preceded by a fight against windmills, for this painstaking work it takes an extreme amount of energy, thank you for that! Now, however, time is pressing differently than 10, 20, 30 years ago. We need a cross-party awakening of all. Then we can make it. A jointly passed motion can bring about this departure, which is why I support the goal of GöttingenZero: climate neutral in 2030!

Karin Wette, secondary school teacher

Because it is the right thing to do.


Because the city of Göttingen can take a pioneering role to show that climate change can be tackled.


Because climate protection is also child protection.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Merrem, Head of Unicef Working Group Göttingen

Climate protection is the most important and most difficult task of the 21st century, we can only do it together.

Finn Harland, Student

For my children!

Patrick Lajoie, Science Management

Since climate catastrophe is the central issue of our generation, it is important to me to act as best we can. Without excuses, because if we don’t we will soon have completely different problems. I think that in Göttingen the facilities are there to take a leading role in this matter and to be an example for other cities.

Paul Heuberger, Student

Climate protection is one of the greatest political challenges of our time. The goal and the implementation of the measures must be presented transparently and the responsible politicians must be accountable.


Climate protection must be taken seriously.


Because we Göttingen citizens must do our bit to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. We are only allowed to release a limited amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in order to limit global warming to less than 1.5 degrees in accordance with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015.If we continue as we are doing now, this amount will already be exhausted in 5 years. Therefore, we must immediately start to reduce emissions and bring them to net zero by 2030. Göttingen, as a city of science and services without a steel and cement industry, can and must achieve this by 2030. Climate protection is not only an economic stimulus programme and creates good jobs, it also gives impetus to the development of future technology, e.g. in the fields of renewable energy (electricity and heat), intelligent electricity grids, electricity and heat storage, climate-neutral fuels and much more – technology that will play an increasingly important role worldwide in the coming decades.

Manfred Schüssler, physicist

Because it is important to preserve our planet in the best possible way for future generations.


Effective climate protection through CO2 neutrality is the greatest challenge of our time. In order to achieve this goal at all levels, the city of Göttingen (politics, city administration, businesses and the entire population) must also make its contribution quickly and in a scientifically sound manner!

David Singer, biologist

I find it frightening how many people have mastered the calculation of interest rates but argue with both hands in front of their eyes when it comes to the climate and the environment.


Because we must work at all levels from local to global to leave our children and grandchildren a planet worth living on. Because I hope that my hometown Göttingen, where I finally live again and very gladly, will take on a pioneering role in climate protection.

Because I expressly welcome the cooperation of all organisations involved and the required transparency of the measures.

Anja Dolder-Gerhardy, veterinarian

Because there is so much more we can do and this must finally be tackled.

Felicia Seita, student

We can only achieve the climate goals together and it starts at our doorstep! We should set a good example and Göttingen’s politicians should send a clear signal.


As a medical student, I am concerned about the unambitious climate protection goals worldwide. We finally need measures that really address the problem of climate change and point to a future in which we do not continue to exploit and destroy our livelihoods. The motion sets out demands and targets that are a first step in the right direction.


Because something has to change in order to actively protect the climate.

Saida Oruzgani, student

Should be obligatory!!!

Franz Eisele, volunteer

Because Göttingen is close to our hearts.


If we don’t do anything for climate protection now, when will we?

I want a world worth living in for my grandchildren.


I support the motion in the hope that something will change. In the hope that sustainable thinking and environmentally friendly action will no longer remain an individual choice.

Our planet belongs to all of us, so we must all ensure that it remains healthy. At least if we intend to live on it for a long time…

Tom Pfander, gardener

Climate protection is a topic close to my heart.

Mia Wilke, student