2 – Petition


of 8000 Signatures

Let us make Göttingen climate neutral until 2030 together:

Whilst putting forth our motion, we initiated a referendum for a climate-friendly Göttingen in December, using a petition. Like the motion did, the petition demands a decision towards climate neutrality until 2030 in Göttingen.

The citizens’ petition started on 9 December 2020 and runs until 8 December 2021 or until the needed signatures are reached.

More specifically, the petition focuses on the following demand:

The city of Göttingen shall amend their “Klimaplan [= Climate Plan] Göttingen 2030” in such a way that it no longer contains the aim for climate neutrality by 2050, but by 2030 instead, and accordingly adapt and accelerate the measures developed already.

Although the city’s current climate plan is titled “Klimaplan Göttingen 2030”, its objective is climate neutrality by 2050. The title is based on the measures of climate protection intended until 2030, included in the plan [1].

In the petition, we demand a modified climate plan which envisages true climate neutrality by 2030. Its aim thereby resembles the one specified in our motion.

In order to put forth the petition in the city council, we needed more than 8000 signatures; a goal which we quite succesfully reached!