3 – Campaigning

Contact Politicians

Part of our strategy is to engage with MPs at local and federal level. We want to convince them for climate neutrality and our motion, which was handed over to the environmental committee on 12 February. We want to make it clear to them that climate neutrality 2030 is not a marginal issue and that Göttingen’s citizens and local groups stand united behind this goal.

Especially in the election campaign on local and federal level in September, the issue of climate protection must take top priority. Therefore, we want to keep the discussion going and get the politicians to take a stand on this issue. You can support us by emailing your MPs and explaining to them why climate neutrality is elementary in Göttingen.

Here you can find the email addresses of our representatives in local and federal politics.

Contact citizens

In the last few months, we have entered into dialogue with the people of Göttingen to inform them of our concerns in the course of the petition. We have met with strong support and have held fruitful discussions based on our climate city plan.

In the dialogue with the people we want to achieve four things in particular:

  • Understanding the urgency and hopelessness of taking action against the climate crisis.
  • Stimulation of personal initiative
  • Discussion about ways to achieve climate neutrality
  • Taking on board objections and ideas from the population