2 – The Petition

You can download the list to sign here.

Here you can find the English translation of the citizens’ petition: English translation

Nevertheless you need to sign the german version of the petition, so that your signature counts.

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of 8000 Signatures

Let us make Göttingen climate neutral until 2030 together:

Whilst putting forth our motion, we initiated a referendum for a climate-friendly Göttingen in December, using a petition. Like the motion did, the petition demands a decision towards climate neutrality until 2030 in Göttingen.

The citizens’ petition started on 9 December 2020 and runs until 8 December 2021 or until the needed signatures are reached.

More specifically, the petition focuses on the following demand:

The city of Göttingen shall amend their “Klimaplan [= Climate Plan] Göttingen 2030” in such a way that it no longer contains the aim for climate neutrality by 2050, but by 2030 instead, and accordingly adapt and accelerate the measures developed already.

Although the city’s current climate plan is titled “Klimaplan Göttingen 2030”, its objective is climate neutrality by 2050. The title is based on the measures of climate protection intended until 2030, included in the plan [1].

In the petition, we demand a modified climate plan which envisages true climate neutrality by 2030. Its aim thereby resembles the one specified in our motion.

In order to put forth the petition in the city council, we need more than 8000 signatures and need your help! Signatures can be collected using this list. You can easily print it out or get a hand on one/ sign directly at various places in Göttingen (see map below). After, lists can be posted in one of our post boxes on the map or handed in at one of the shops.

IMPORTANT INFO: Signatures are only valid if inscribed in the printed table, in all other cases, the list turns invalid! Pictures or scans of the lists are also unvalid, please send us the original list!

Feel free to promote the petition amongst your family, friends and acquaintances, and if you’re motivated to support us beyond that, message us using goettingenzero@posteo.de, or on Social Media.

Four ways to sign the petition on this very day:

Option A: Collecting point

You can put your signature in a retail shop in the city centre. Find your collecting point in the map below.

Option B: Ask us to come around

Sign up for our delivery system and we bring you all you need for signing.

Option C: Via post

Print the list and send it to us, by conventional post or by posting it in one of our post boxes (see map below).

Option D: Via innn.it

Order a list on innn.it and get an envelope to send it back to us – you don’t have to pay the portage.

Your questions concerning the petition

What am I actually signing?

The city of Göttingen shall aim for climate neutrality by 2030 instead of 2050 as mapped out in the “Klimaplan Göttingen 2030”. It should consequently adapt and accelerate the measures already developed to that goal. You petition for a referendum to be held.

Why should I sign?

You can read the reasoning on the list itself. In one sentence: We fight for a future worth living, for ourselves and our children.

What is the petition for, if the city’s current climate plan is titled “Klimaplan Göttingen 2030” already?

Although the current climate plan includes 2030 in its title, it only concerns the measures presently mapped out to take before 2030. Actual climate neutrality is not intended before 2050. This is what needs to be amended.

May I continue the table on the reverse side?

Unfortunately, it is not permitted to continue the table for signatures in the reverse side. The reason for this is that it may no longer be clear that the signatures refer to the petition, the front side could have been added later.

May I take a photo or scan the list in order to send it to GöttingenZero?

No, the signatures are valid only if the original is handed in.

Can I sign?

If your main residency is registered with the city of Göttingen and has been for at least three months, are at least 16 years old and hold EU citizenship, you can sign.

What happens to my data?

We handle the lists with the utmost care. We go and collect them regularly and empty our post boxes on a daily basis.

The obtained personal data may only be processed and used for the proceedings of this petition; they are to be destroyed immediately as soon as they are no longer needed for the procedure.

To succeed with our petition, we still need signatures – yours! You can find lists to sign online, as well as the informative flyer. If you’re out and about, don’t have a printer, or wish to support some local institutions, you can look up here where else to find lists, and where there are collecting points where you can hand in the lists, or send them by post.

You will find lists to sign and flyers at the following places in Göttingen:

  • Antiquariat René Krieger (Kurze-Geismar-Straße 17)
  • Das Biohaus (Benzstraße 2C)
  • Grünes Haus anner Ecke (Wiesenstraße 28)
  • Humboldt Apotheke (Bühlstraße 44)
  • Naturkost in der Südstadt (Reinholdstraße 15)
  • Naturkost in der Burgstraße (Burgstraße 18)
  • Platzparks bei Michaelsen (Schildweg 34)
  • Waschbär (Kurze-Geismar-Straße 5-7)
  • Weltladencafé (Nikolaistraße 10)
  • Wunderbar Unverpackt (Groner-Tor-Straße 22)

You will find flyers here:

  • Naturalia Naturkost (Kurze Str. 17)

And lists to sign here:

  • AWO Brot-Galerie (Kurze Straße 3)
  • BioMarkt im Galluspark (Weender Landstraße 59)
  • Buchhandlung Vaternahm (Theaterstraße 24)
  • Der Gemüseladen Geismar (Bäckergasse 1b)
  • Papajule (Johannisstraße 26)
  • Schrot und Kern (Springstraße 19)

List collection points:

  • Edeka Nikolausberg (Resedaweg 2-4)
  • Fahrrad an der Gänseliesel (Markt)
  • Grünes Haus anner Ecke (Wiesenstraße 28)
  • Michaelsen (Schildweg 34)
  • Pangritz (Zehntscheuerstr. 32)
  • Praxis Hulpke-Wette (Nikolaistrasse 29)
  • Scheitz (Klinkerfuesstraße 21)
  • Schüssler (Bettina-von-Arnim-Straße 6)
  • Wette (Humboldtallee 22)