Collection sites for the citizens petition

Three possibilities to sign the citizens petition:

Option A: Collection point

The classic way is to hand in your signature at a retail outlet in the city centre. To know where to hand in your signature look at the map below.

Option B: We come to you

Contact our delivery system and we will bring everything to you.

Option C: By post

Print the list and either send it to us by post or drop it in one of the letterboxes.

To succeed with our petition, we still need signatures – yours! You can find lists to sign online, as well as the informative flyer. If you’re out and about, don’t have a printer, or wish to support some local institutions, you can look up here where else to find lists, and where there are collecting points where you can hand in the lists, or send them by post.

You will find lists to sign and flyers at the following places in Göttingen:

  • Antiquariat René Krieger (Kurze-Geismar-Straße 17)
  • Das Biohaus (Benzstraße 2C)
  • Grünes Haus anner Ecke (Wiesenstraße 28)
  • Humboldt Apotheke (Bühlstraße 44)
  • Naturkost in der Südstadt (Reinholdstraße 15)
  • Naturkost in der Burgstraße (Burgstraße 18)
  • Platzparks bei Michaelsen (Schildweg 34)
  • Waschbär (Kurze-Geismar-Straße 5-7)
  • Weltladencafé (Nikolaistraße 10)
  • Wunderbar Unverpackt (Groner-Tor-Straße 22)

You will find flyers here:

  • Naturalia Naturkost (Kurze Str. 17)

And lists to sign here:

  • AWO Brot-Galerie (Kurze Straße 3)
  • BioMarkt im Galluspark (Weender Landstraße 59)
  • Buchhandlung Vaternahm (Theaterstraße 24)
  • Der Gemüseladen Geismar (Bäckergasse 1b)
  • Feinbäckerei Ruch (Hauptstraße 54)
  • Papajule (Johannisstraße 26)
  • Schrot und Kern (Springstraße 19)

List collection points:

  • Fahrrad an der Gänseliesel (Markt)
  • Grünes Haus anner Ecke (Wiesenstraße 28)
  • Michaelsen (Schildweg 34)
  • Pangritz (Zehntscheuerstr. 32)
  • Praxis Hulpke-Wette (Nikolaistrasse 29)
  • Scheitz (Klinkerfuesstraße 21)
  • Schüssler (Bettina-von-Arnim-Straße 6)
  • Wette (Humboldtallee 22)