Our activities

Our current activities are based on three pillars:

  • Contact with politicians
  • Contact with institutions
  • Contact to citizens

Contact politicians

Part of our strategy is to engage in dialog with members of parliament at the local and federal level. We want to convince them to support climate neutrality.

We want to make it clear to them that climate neutrality 2030 is not a marginal issue and that Göttingen’s citizens and local groups are united behind this goal, as demonstrated by the petition.

In the spirit of GermanZero, we would like to take the climate promise from our members of the Bundestag. To this end, we want to discuss the climate crisis and the necessary political response with them on a regular basis. In this way, we hope to win them over to the 1.5° law developed by GermanZero. More information about the 1.5°-law can be found on the GermanZero website.

Especially in the election campaign for the Bundestag and local elections in September 2022, the issue of climate protection was a central point, but it is just as important after the election as before. Therefore, we want to keep the discussion going and get the politicians to take a stand on this issue. You can support us by sending an email to your representatives and explain to them why climate neutrality is elementary in Göttingen.

Here you can find the email addresses of our representatives in local and federal politics.

Contact institutions

Not only politicians and citizens have to be convinced of the importance of climate neutrality. A particularly decisive factor is the involvement and rethinking of local institutions. That is why we are also seeking direct contact with them.

One focus is on the Georg-August University. After the open letter of the new “Göttingen Seven”, in which they insisted that the university should take the climate crisis seriously and accordingly aim for climate neutrality by 2030, the university is now in the process of renegotiating its climate goals.

Contact with citizens

In the dialogue with the citizens of Göttingen, we want to achieve four things in particular:

  • understanding the urgency of taking action against the climate crisis.
  • motivate for personal initiative
  • discussion about ways to achieve climate neutrality
  • take up objections and ideas from the population

In the context of the citizens petition, a podcast with the motto “Climate crisis moves us” was created together with citizens.
Under this motto, in a podcast of Radio Leinewelle, people talk about how they are affected by the climate crisis and how they deal with it. Sometimes full of fear, sometimes very matter-of-fact and composed, sometimes powerless and desperate, it becomes tangible that all people – also here in Göttingen – are affected by the climate crisis. The stories are a reminder that we should not close our eyes, but finally act.

The stories are on German and can be found here, by clicking on the images, the stories can be heard or read in audio or as a written text.