Our Supporters



What are alliance partners?

Alliance partners are organisations, initiatives or companies from Göttingen or the immediate surroundings that support our demand for a climate-neutral and socially just Göttingen by 2030 at the latest.

Whether church, social or cultural, whether for human rights or animal rights, whether active in climate and environmental protection – any organisation that sincerely shares the goal of the Göttingen Climate Decision can join the alliance. Only parties cannot become alliance partners:in, because we want to maintain our political independence as a civil society initiative.


What does it mean to be an alliance partner?

Our alliance partners show with their logo here on our website that they stand behind the cause of the Göttingen Climate Decision. We also present some of our alliance partners on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Furthermore, all alliance partners can decide for themselves, depending on their capacity and possibilities, whether and how they will continue to support the climate decision – for example, by displaying signature lists or sharing content on their own social media channels.

We are grateful for any form of support!


How can I join the Alliance?

Your organisation, your initiative or the company you work for would like to become an alliance partner of the Climate Decision Göttingen? Then write to us! We are happy to welcome new comrades-in-arms.


E-mail: goettingenzero[at]posteo.de

Telefon: 01602375287
Telefonisch available on Mo, Tue from 5-7 pm and Thu, Fr from 10-12 am.