Our Proposal: The Climate City Plan

In order to become climate neutral by 2030, we have a strategic roadmap in our hands in the form of this Climate City Plan for Göttingen. Climate neutrality means that in Göttingen in 2030 only as many greenhouse gases will be emitted as can be actively recaptured. Climate scientists, experts for municipal climate protection concepts and practitioners have clearly calculated how many greenhouse gas emissions can be saved with which measures, how much this will cost and also save, how many jobs will be created and how many staff will be needed for this (more on the calculations on page 23). The Climate City Plan helps to be concrete – with plans in the municipal budget and staffing plan and concretely implemented measures out on the street.

The most important levers to slow down global warming to 1.5 degrees are: strong energy savings, significantly higher energy efficiency and the rapid conversion of all areas of consumption to clean and 100% renewable energy. The Climate City Plan does not represent a plan of measures that should be implemented 1:1, but it should show that our goal is fundamentally possible. The city still needs to develop a detailed climate action plan, set milestones, etc. However, measures need to be advanced and implemented in the following fields of action: