Our plan to reach our goal

Our goal is clear: We want a climate-neutral Göttingen by 2030.

As a civil society, we therefore ask the city of Göttingen, in a friendly but binding way, to fulfill its obligations. To do this, we want to increase the pressure from below. You can read about how we are doing this on the following pages.


Our current activities consist of three pillars:

– Contact with politicians
– Contact with institutions
– Contact to citizens

You can find out more here.

Our initiative started with a motion to the city council of Göttingen in February 2021. Our goal: true climate neutrality by 2030!

In order to increase the pressure from below, we started a citizen’s petition with the same goal in December 2020, for which we collected 9600 signatures.

You can read more about it here.

As a proposal to achieve climate neutrality in Göttingen by 2030, we have created a climate city plan for Göttingen with the help of scientists and experts and with concrete facts and figures.

Here you can find a summary of our goals and further explanations of the climate city plan.


  • 26. June 2020

    The idea begins to arise

  • 6. Oktober 2020

    Kick-off with GermanZero

  • 9. December 2020

    Starting signal for citizens’ initiative

  • 12. February 2021

    Introduction of a motion to the City Council

  • February 2022

    Aversion of the citizens vote by the city